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I empower women and femme-identifying people to go from being 'crypto-curious', to savvy crypto investors, innovators, influencers, and disruptors.

Do you find crypto overwhelming? Do you want to learn about it but just have no idea where to start, or who to listen to? Have you lost money investing in a cryptocurrency you knew nothing about because your best guy friend recommended it to you?

I created an organization that solves all of these problems and more for women in crypto...

Let's get to know each other!

My name is Natalie, and I'm the founder of CryptoFemme DAO. My mission is to create a decentralized, co-operative movement of women in crypto. CryptoFemme DAO offers members access to education that caters to women of all experience levels in crypto. By leveraging this access to mentorship and support, my goal is to personally empower one million women to become -- Not only successful crypto investors -- But the next generation of movers and shakers in the blockchain space.

Because the future is female, and crypto is the future.

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I'm a 7-figure crypto investor turned CryptoFemme Founder & Mentor.

Here's how I can help:

Looking for High-Level Crypto Education & Mentorship?

I've helped more than 100 women get started in crypto, and I'm launching a comprehensive program that will enable me to help thousands more.

The CryptoFemme Collection program is an iNFT that you can buy and sell your access to on the secondary market. Plus, all purchasers will receive complimentary access to the CryptoFemme DAO!

Join the waitlist to get on the pre-sale list...

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See our latest posts about podcast strategies and mindset along with amazing freebies.

Access my patented 12-step Crypto Investing Checklist, & 7 Fundamentals of a Stellar Crypto Project Cheatsheet!

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Take the Crypto Temperament Quiz to learn your temperament, & receive a free, custom-tailored Getting Started Guide!

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"Natalie creates a safe space for women in crypto.She offers the resources and community necessary for women to invest wisely. And, with her unparalleled research and insight, I’m confident in her abilities, and would strongly recommend working with her and CryptoFemme!"

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