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Hi there, I'm Natalie and this 

is my story... 

...In a few words

I started on the path to entrepreneurship in 2016. That was the year I realized I wanted the freedom to live life on my own terms. I didn't want to have a 9 to 5 job that prevented me from experiencing freedom until retirement. Over time I discovered the key for happiness and fulfillment as an entrepreneur came from only doing the things I was passionate about and enjoyed.

Helping women learn about crypto is something that has brought me more joy and fulfillment than anything I've ever pursued as an entrepreneur.

Let's get to know each other...

I was originally a licensed financial advisor back in 2016. I quit that career when I could no longer in good conscience sell financial products that I didn’t believe in. This, along with my concern about the exponentially worsening problem of wealth and income inequality in America, were several of the things that have made me very passionate about crypto today.

I see blockchain technology, represented by cryptocurrencies, as a holistic solution for individuals seeking to escape exorbitant cost of living situations, and a lifeline for anyone looking to avoid potential hyperinflation of traditional currencies in the coming years. I’m committed to helping more women learn about it while we’re still so early on in crypto.

Oh yeah, I'm also transgender.

In addition to founding CryptoFemme, I'm also a regional Co-Chair for StartOut, a global nonprofit aimed at empowering LGBT entrepreneurs with access to education, networking, and funding for their startups and business ventures. I guess you could say I'm passionate about helping underrepresented and marginalized people in a variety of spaces. From queer people in the startup world, to women in crypto.

More about CryptoFemme

I'm all about transparency and vulnerability. Here's my full story so far.

I’ve met with some amount of adversity as an LGBT person in the entrepreneur spaces I've been a part of. Some of it has been malicious. These experiences of being judged, dismissed, attacked, or simply not taken seriously in business, simply because of who I am, are what have made me passionate about helping other underrepresented people.

Speaking of underrepresentation, take crypto for example: 16% of men and only 7% of women worldwide are invested in crypto. And this unequal disparity is actually even worse in the US. I think it goes without saying that today, crypto is a very male-dominated and stereotypically ‘bro-y’ space. I plan to make it not only more accessible to women overall, but also to create intentional, female-led movements within the crypto space. The CryptoFemme DAO is the first step toward making this vision a reality.

I started CryptoFemme in November of 2021, and in fewer than six months it’s grown to more than 500 members, all thanks to positive word of mouth from our members. I want to inspire women to start their own ‘CryptoFemme’ chapters in other cities, and grow and develop their own local communities of femme crypto investors and founders.

Eventually CryptoFemme will offer a certification program available to its more advanced and experienced members. In addition to providing access to jobs with partners in the industry, it will also provide them with admin access to the tools, resources, and training structures that I will be rolling out. This way they can go out and teach more women how to learn about crypto safely and responsibly.

"The Future is Female & Crypto is the Future"

Looking to get involved, or want to learn more?

Whether you want to learn how to become a savvy investor, elevate your understanding and profitability of your crypto holdings, or maybe even launch a career in crypto...

...The CryptoFemme DAO is looking for members just like you!

The CryptoFemme DAO is for.

  • Women and femme-identifying people of all experience levels in crypto, including...

  • Brand new people who are 'crypto-curious', but don't know where to get started, or who to listen to.

  • Beginners who have invested in crypto, but don't know what to do with it, or what else to invest in.

  • Intermediate investors who want to learn more about profitable investing, staking, and other passive income strategies.

  • Experienced investors who want to make connections with influencers and disruptors in the crypto space.

  • HODLers who want to preserve their wealth with profitable, longterm strategies.

  • Short-term traders and DeFi degens who are looking for new tokens to ape into, or new protocols to try.

  • Anyone looking for a 'by women, for women' group centered around crypto education, community, and support.

Member Testimonial

With💜from CryptoFemme members

"The most powerful resource we have is community. Natalie has cultivated a thriving community of like minded women eager to learn more about crypto and investing."

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