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My first professional exposure to crypto came just two years ago when I was hired to consult for a blockchain startup providing access to affordable benefits to freelancers. This job gave me my first opportunity to really learn about crypto from people who had been in the space since almost the beginning, and I was intrigued. At the time I was mainly providing marketing-related consulting to clients, but within six months I gave up consulting and dove headfirst into learning all I could about crypto. I joined several crypto masterminds, made lots of mistakes, made even more life-changing decisions, and at some point found myself in a position of taking clients again. 90% of the founders I advised or consulted for were referrals from people I did masterminds with.

Recently I've felt called to do more, and to have a broader impact when it comes to crypto education. In addition to my consulting and the CryptoFemme DAO, I've begun taking requests to present and speak on panels at crypto events on a limited basis. I especially enjoy features at conferences and seminars that are especially looking to appeal to women in crypto.

Let's see if we should work together.

  • You want to appeal to or attract more women to your conference, seminar, or panel presentation.

  • You're looking for looking for someone who is an expert at bridging the gap between complex crypto topics and beginner-level understandings.

  • You're looking for someone who is specifically an expert in NFTs, DAOs, and knowledge of innovative future potential use cases of these technologies.

  • You want to appeal to or attract more LGBT people to your conference, seminar, or panel presentation.

  • In addition to diversity of identity, you want to bring diversity of thought to your event. I happen to have some uncommon philosophical thoughts about crypto.

  • You want a badass female crypto founder at your event.

Member Testimonial

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"Crypto is a world that moves fast with many voices and opportunities within the space. Natalie steps in as the voice of reason that cuts through the noise. She’s one of the smartest people that I have ever met and shares her gifts generously in a real heart-centered, elevated way so more people can win in investing and life. She brings the feminine flow to a very masculine, fast-paced culture. 

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